Veggies and Origins: A Brief Talk of What’s Going On And What’s To Come

I need to lay it a little lower with the titles, don’t I?

Anyway,now that I’ve finally officially released Vandya(or a bare prototype of it) to the world, what’s going on this month is another prototype, but I hope with a little bit more features than Vandya had. It was a hard month.

Anyway, this month’s game is a dungeon shooter not very unlike The Binding of Isaac, but without all the rather frustrating roguelike characteristic. Instead of random dungeons and loot, Pea’s Quest will feature designed dungeons and planned upgrades, so it’s more like a 2D Zelda game, but shooting vegetables instead of branding a sword.

Unlike the few┬álast attempts where I decided to go all sprite art for a change, I’m once again dealing with hand-drawn sprites, and even animation! I also found a good GIF maker to give you people some previews!

Say hi to Pea. She’s a pea.

So, yes, again dealing with the Unity animation engine and all that. Frankly, this is already looking a lot better than Beetle Bog here. ­čśŤ

Anyway, as you can obviously see the end of the month approaches and I have to decide where I’ll leave this game’s gameplay. I think I’ll do about e dungeon and a very dumb boss and call it a game. And with this segue, I head to next month’s plan.

When I started 1GAM last year, I started with the most bare bones game design I could, and the result as you already know was Pixel Pop Defense Zone. I’ve mentioned this game in my development of TreeHopper, for obvious reasons(TreeHopper is just PPDZ with a player character, snazzy power-ups and┬ámore elaborate graphics). Frankly, it’s perhaps the best polished game in my career.

So the plan for next month is to┬átake some steps back. Think in gameplay first and try to deliver something like that again. Because, frankly, I’m not completely satisfied with delivering just prototypes for a whole year.

What will come up, though, that’s another matter altogether. But I’ll think of something.

Anyway, good night and good luck, y’all!