Touching Up Quartet


Okay, so it’s been two weeks and here are all the news about what’s been going on in Quartet’s development. Also, a good time to tell you to follow me in Twitter if you want more immediate news and updates on whatever I’m doing.

Ever since the first release most of the changes have been aesthetic, which doesn’t mean only prettifying the game: many actions now have feedback cues in the form of particle effects and, sometimes, sound effects. And also on that vein I’ve added a feature my games usually sorely need: a “mute” button. It stays there at the corner of the screen all the time and allows you to turn off the sound and not be caught playing indie game prototypes at work. You’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.27.30 AM

Check out that glow when the button is “pressed” :V

And talking of aesthetics, the sprites also have the faces I’ve planned for them, and they move around a bit more than just, well, hovering a few pixels from the floor. They bob. Doesn’t sound like much, but it does add some feeling to the game, I’d say. :V

And, overall, the gameplay of the game is more or less done already, which means from here to 3 days from now it’ll be more concept art, level design(I even made a level maker Unity extension for myself, I may have mentioned that) and toying with introducing storytelling into the game.

It’ll be a riot, and then next month comes another weird take on a classic game’s gameplay and story, too. Stay tuned, and have a nice day! :V