Quartet is off to a good start

Quartet, as I decided to call my next One Game A Month entry, is a single player co-op puzzle, which is the designation I give to the genre probably not created but definitely established by games such as The Lost Vikings and Humans. It’s a co-op game where the player plays alone, alternating between characters with different capabilities in order to reach the end.

But anyway, I’ve started with the gameplay and barely a concept: the idea is that four characters coexist in the same environment and reach towards a common goal. In that vein, they have to help each other arrive at the end, or they will all fail together.


In this basic example of this mechanic, Yellow must help Green before she can reach the goal at the center of the maze.

One catch that differentiates it from the codifiers of the genre is that they do not interact directly. In fact, one of the already implemented mechanical quirks of the game is that each character has a different camera view, through which the others are not visible. They can still affect their common environment, but they are separated visually and some things in the scenery may not even look the same for different characters.

The spirits in their “wisp” forms, as they appear in each other’s viewports.

From this mechanics, a story has arisen: a story of four spirits who inhabit different “layers” of reality, but they interact and coexist with the help of a fifth element. The fifth is both a character — called The Fifth, who is, predictably, kidnapped by the start of the story, propelling our protagonists to action — and the player itself, a “fifth party” that directs the characters even though they can’t communicate to cooperate.

Quartet - Title Screen

And all the spirits are female shaped, so this is the tale of four ladies out to the rescue. I dig that.

And so far, that is that. Soon I’ll send off a release game page with a very primary version of the gameplay, with these minimal assets. And then, to start making the game take a nice shape until the end of the month.

And, hopefully, with regular updates here. Next time, I’ll also talk about my adventures with normal maps and creating Unity extensions to draw my maps for me.

Have a nice day, y’all! o/