Indie Game Review: Micromancer

Long time ago when I started this blog(ok, not so much time, after all) I decided that besides game releases and dev diaries, this blog would contain commentary on gaming news, quick looks at upcoming games and indie previews and game reviews. This hasn’t been going so well for the simple reason that working and trying to make games occupies a lot of time, so reviewing games would be a bit too much. You need time to actually play the games, and then write the review with some added value(screenshots, vids, and whatnot). To be frank, I had to have some real motivation to actually get to it.

Seems that motivation finally arrived, so here’s BrazMogu’s first review subject: Micromancer!

I’ve found Micromancer via Alpha Beta Gamer, and while the GIFs alone were enough to charm me, it was a quick play during lunch hour that really captivated me. The game features a necromancer with no fighting power at all, so you’re forced to resort to a growing army of resurrected bodies. You start by raising the dead from their graves, and then go on exploiting the corpses of the dead left in the wake of your own undead army, until you eliminate all of the living from the screen.

It’s a morbidly fun idea. I describe it as a mix of Pikmin and Diablo II‘s Necromancer class. The limited RTS play style and reaping defeated enemies as resources of Pikmin are always a plus for me, and the very quick and responsive gameplay are a huge plus. You can play with a mouse(and I suppose it adds more versatility, since you can divide your army to attack in several fronts) but even the “no pointer” game mode is super nice to play.

And the pixelated graphics are charming, even if they involve graveyards, dead people and bloody corpses. Adorable bloody corpses, even.

Go and play Micromancer straight in your browser, it will likely not take a lot of time from your day, but it will give it back in the form of fun. I hope Radmars is planning to do something with this, because I’d love to have a full game out of this concept. :V