May’s Final Release: It’s literally better than nothing!

The last prototype of May is off, June game is still undecided, and I’m in France. Lots of news in very little space.

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The Beauty of The Third Dimension


Now you can pilot a crudely drawn ship in one more dimension, that’s rad, right?

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May’s Game First Prototype; Possibly The Last

A new prototype is out, and also big news!

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Final Countdown For Pixelated Warfare

The game continues taking shape and the self-enforced deadline approaches. To battle(against time)!

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Battlefield: Huge Pixels

The battlefield is up, but no battles are going on this field. Yet.

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Yes, It’s Half of a Prototype

Here’s a prototype of half a game. The kind of boring and seen before half, but hey: we all start at some place!

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Releasing the Pixels of War

Let’s waste some time talking about the next game: a castle siege/match puzzle mashup. Also, ther eare some sprites thrown in for good measure.

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Treehopper Demo Up and Running (and now, to the remaining features!)

We have a demo, and also ideas for the next month!

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Gameplay Demo and New Features


There should be a demo here, but there’s not. So instead, let me tell you how awesome it will be. :V

Also, hints of future features. Hope you enjoy them!

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This Time, It’s Treehoppers!


Let’s have a quick and vague talk about what’s the new game is going to be about (and why it won’t be an awesome RTS/simulator :( )

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