Remember that time when Zelda was an RPG?

Zelda is not an RPG, except once. Do you remeber that? Does anyone?

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A New Year and What It Entails

In which I ponder about the passage of time, and then plans are made!

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Tutorial: Reusable Animators in Unity


A quick tutorial on Unity’s Mecanim system, and reusing state machines on 2D games.

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Enter Fran


In which I decide to talk about what turns took me to making a female clone of Super Mario Bros.

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Design Decisions: Quartet’s Selective Blindness


A little insight on why I’ve dropped the “simplified” spirit forms from the others viewports.

It makes sense in context. 😛

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Touching Up Quartet


Quartet keeps shaping up, as the lady spirits sway up and down like good cartoon ghost-shapes they are. :V

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Quartet is off to a good start


In which I finally start dev diarying my newest portfolio product.

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Indie Game Review: Micromancer

Have you ever wished you could terrorize the living as Diablo II’s Necromancer? Well, Radmars has your prayers answered…

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Breakout With a Twist, And Total Revamps!

GIFs make for a perfect demonstration of complicated concepts. Also, simple ones, like this.

Let’s talk about the next game and where my games are going since I found out is not that good for my project.

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Veggies and Origins: A Brief Talk of What’s Going On And What’s To Come

Say hi to Pea. She's a pea.

Let’s talk about the game I’m making now, and what should we see next month!

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