BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Paddle & Basket


Good ol’ block breaking gameplay, but with a major twist!

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BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Pea’s Quest


A pea out for revolution. Dungeons to be explored. Turnips everywhere!

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BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Vandya

vandya cover

Because to miss a high aim is to fail without shame.

Also, the 1GAM project keeps on going, even in France. :V

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BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Siege on Color Castle


Two games in one, Siege on Color Castle is a strategy game where the resources are gathered by means of matching tiles on the lower screen, while in the upper screen the battle goes on. Defend your castle from the never ending hordes of the enemy!

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BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: TreeHopper


When the base is being attacked by chromatic monstrosities, only one unit can combat them: Treehopper!

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BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Metal Angler

Description & Features Get into a magnet equipped treasure hunting vessel and sail the coast in search of sweet metallic loot forgotten at the bottom of the sea in┬áMetal Angler! Varied Levels:┬áCheck out different levels that you unlock as you collect riches! Interesting Mechanics: Work out a way to bring the bounty from the bottom […]

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BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Beetle Bog Revival


Monthly Games are back on 2015, starting with a bit of simple maze action about wearing bones and collecting bones!

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BrazMogu Monthlies: Colonization Chess


In July, a struggle for territory and structures in a dead world by up to four factions. Nature, Industry, Virus or Outsider: only one will have the victory of colonizing the board.

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BrazMogu Monthlies: HyperMiner


Explore the vast space for valuable minerals and elements in a procedurally generated outer space.

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BrazMogu Monthlies: Molesweeper


Coming in almost too late, May’s game is a new take on a classic computer game. No, of course it’s not solitaire.

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