Breakout With a Twist, And Total Revamps!

Okay, I’ve been neglecting my own blog, which goes to show how good I am at managing my on PR department. Granted, it’s pretty hard to manage your PR department when you have none, because you’re not a corporation, you know?

Anyway: let me talk about the new game I’m working in. It’s already got an IndieDB page, and the reason I’m posting it in IndieDB instead of like I did my last releases will be discussed soon enough. The point is that this game comes from a concept as simple as I could imagine one: it’s Breakout, but instead of breaking blocks, you have to catch them.

GIFs make for a perfect demonstration of complicated concepts. Also, simple ones, like this.

Again, back at what I said in my last blog, I had to go back to the basics and work from the bottom up. Start with a simple true and proven gameplay and improve on it. And so added a quasi-puzzle edge to Breakout. And it’s going to get better, I promise. But now, to other news!


One of these days I was reading’s FAQ in search of a way to include a comment system into my project pages, and then I found out…

How many game pages can I create?

There is a soft limit of 10 games. The limit is in place to prevent abuse. If you wish to have more, then you should contact us.

This sounds sane and logical, because it is. That’s not quite the problem here. The real problem, though, is how that influences my current project of making one year of 1GAM contributions, due to simple math. The math is: there are 12 months in an year, and I plan to make one game per month. This makes for 12 games. 12 games is bigger than 10 games.


Even counting Beetle Bog Revival out of the picture(since I did not put it in itch), this makes for more pages than I can make, and that in turn means that I can’t continue my portfolio with new ideas or something like that. And that’s why, thinking of the future, I’m returning to indieDB as my repository/release site and creating my own game pages hosted right here in my own site. The only drawback being that this means my bandwidth is at risk, but such is life, right?

So, soon I’ll be unveiling my new pages and moving everything from itch to a mix of my own site(as a download hub/Unity player page) and indieDB(for the organization/hosting of the game executables). And with that I may regain some energy and motivation to work on my own marketing and advertising that my game making career sorely needs.

Probably. It’s always hard to tell.

Have a nice day, y’all!