BrazMogu Monthlies: Pixel Pop Defense Zone

pixelpopdefensezone_1 pixelpopdefensezone_2

Description & Features

Pixel Pop Defense Zone is an endurance game about defending the little space you have at the center of the screen from the relentless assault of pixels. Why are they attacking? No idea, just keep clicking them into oblivion!

Developer Commentary

This here is my first game that’s not one of the demos I’m creating as practice. It is more a prototype than an actual game, but it has a good number of features besides the basic gameplay(which would be clicking the pixels and no more). So, it is my first LÖVE game. Yay.

There was a lot of learning here, but no “Learning Process” section here. Mostly because there was a good lot, including managing screens, load and save, managing global settings and the stuff. Most of all, I enjoyed it a lot and actually managed to work it out in the one month period planned. Good going!

So, the plans from here are basically to work on the next game(a mole-based puzzler, is as much as I can tell you now) and I will definitely come back at Pixel Pop and rework it as a full game with a lot more features, better graphics and even a story mode. Sounds crazy but… actually might be as crazy as it sounds.

To close, thanks for coming, thanks for playing, hope you had fun! 😀