BrazMogu Monthlies: Molesweeper

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Description & Features


Molesweeper is a new take on the classic puzzle game Minesweeper(of “Games that come installed in your PC” fame)! In this exciting version of the old classic, you are not a god-like entity marking down tiles like a megalomaniac Admiral throwin paratroopers at a minefield. Nope. You are now in the titular mine sweeper, who in this case is actually a genetically engineered supermole equipped with a magnetic radar.

Yes, because if you’re going to revamp a game, you might as well go all the way with it!

Developer Commentary

I’ll be the first to admit that trying to get two projects done in the same month for two different jams was a bad bad idea. As you might know, I’ve been working on LOST IN MAZE in parallel ever since I knew about the Low Rez Jam, and I just didn’t want to let go of this one as my 1GAM entry for May. Why? Because May is my birth month, so it just had to be a game about moles.

Granted, I could make a 32×32 pixel game about a mole exploring burrows, I guess, but it wouldn’t be the same thing. Molesweeper is a project I was pretty excited about.

Not only because it had a mole protagonist, but mostly because of the concept. To put the player inside the plyaing field, instead of playing with a god-mode perspective over the whole field. And from there a lot of stuff had to be adjusted. For one, if the player is now a character, maybe we can hide information from them(in this case, not showing the numbers on all tiles at all times). Also, there must be a check for actually “valid” playfields, since the player cannot mark a mine that’s not actually reachable by the character on the field. And then came the idea of spicing the game up by adding false positives, and how to make them easily recognizable as so(but not so easily; I’ll admit even I get the mosses and shrooms wrong sometimes). And while I’m in the business of admitting, I also could use more balancing and playtesting. Thus, it’s still a demo alpha thing.

But this was a game that was fun to design and make and I definitely will go back into it later. If for one reason, to refine the story mode(for now called “Challenge Mode”), which was supposed to be not a “start from the beginning when you lose” deal, but a “you lose ‘lives'” deal, where the lives are actual soldiers lost from a contingent, which means you can screw up but you probably won’t want to.

Yes, I had big ideas for this game, but I had constraints. It’s part of the game making business, and it was good while it went on.

And if I learned anything from this, it’s not to try and go for two jams at once. June won’t be as hectic as May, that I can say for sure. 😐