BrazMogu Monthlies: Colonization Chess

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Description & Features

Colonization ChessColonization Chess is a very simple strategy game that can be played with by up to 4 friends or as many AI players as you need if you have no one around at the time. The objective varies, but it is usually to conquer the board by taking your enemy away. You can also fortify yourself by taking over abandoned structures on the board, and expand your way to victory as 4 different factions.

Developer Commentary

I don’t think I have a lot to say about this one because this time for a change I have been updating my dev blog. Ha! But long story short, this was supposed to be a way more complex strategy game that was downsized for a jam and then never got done until now. This is as far as I got.

I’m happy with what I’ve done, even if the game is actually pretty unbalanced(in one of the maps if you start you can most definitely win), but I have literally no play testers except me and I almost have no time to play my own game just for fun. Also, there’s a campaign mode in Hearthstone now, I couldn’t resist. 😛

But I exceeded my own expectations with the AI. Yes, it’s dumb as hell — if you can figure the pattern you can outwit it easily, though things can get a bit tricky if you’re playing with more than one opponent and get distracted long enough to be outflanked. My future plans are to make different AI based on behavior and also whatever the actual objective of the game is. When playing Territory Conquest, you’d expect the AI to start aiming for empty slots instead of lunging against the enemy so often, and such.

I think I only left out more cosmetic aspects: a background, for example, or how incrdibly cluttered the manual seems to be. But, on the other hand, this time we actually have a manual. It’s some progress.

Anyway, thanks for being around, you can download the game down there as usual, and next month I’m aiming for simulation and also some cinematic inspiration. More news on the devlog. Huzzah!