BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Vandya


Description & Features

A top-down almost-literal sandbox, where the player controls an enigmatic character who sifts the dust and sand that covers the vast wasteland in search of the basic materials that can be sold or used to create new valuable things

Developer Commentary

This was a bit of a hard month. 😛

So what happened is that from the end of May to the start of July I was in France working. Right off the bat I was separated from my usual creation tools(my Macbook with Unity, basically :V), so I knew I had to take a different approach for the game. I decided to go back to LÖVE, the Lua engine, as a way to program easily with mostly just text code.

At some time I decided to make a game with procedural terrains divided in triangular sectors with different composition and it is not unlike my previous 1GAM attempt HyperMiner, but with top down vision instead of gravitation based side-view gameplay.

The wasteland/dust economy game concept probably was inspired by Mad Max &emdash; which I haven’t actually watched; it was a pretty general inspiration point. The main character was a basic face-concealed character that at some point was called “Vandya” as a mix of common name “Wanda” and the cult classic “Vangers“, with its motorized post-apocalyptic gameplay that sometimes involves collecting larva-infused dirt. Or so I think, I haven’t reached that point of that game yet.

But in the end I didn’t have much time to dedicate fully to. It was a crazy flow of ideas and I spent most time re-cooking the procedural generation routines I used for planet creation in HyperMiner to create hexagonal tiles with blending colors and some effects. There was a lot of time also poured into making the drawing of the sprawling set of maps feasible in time(the numbers got way big in very little time, really :P) and the gameplay got squeezed at the end. Very little of it.

But I just had to keep going. So, there’s a prototype, and some concept art. And I need to get on with the blogs for the next month.