BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: TreeHopper

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.02.02 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.02.27 AM

Description & Features

When the base is being attacked by chromatic monstrosities, only one unit can combat them: Treehopper! Use the power of colors extracted from your foes to strengthen your own defense!

Developer Commentary

For this one, again, I tried to go simple and rework my very first game done in LÖVE2D, Pixel Pop Defense Zone, but with a twist. The twist being you’re not an omniscien clicker anymore, but a lone defender bashing your enemies for great glory!

Okay, so the concept of the player unit was based on treehoppers, and how they have all these different shapes ranging from horns, to camouflage, to pretending to be other insects altogether. I meant to get my 3D modeling skills sharpened to create the intricate shells and helmets, but they were even duller than the first time I tried to work with Blender, so I decided to postpone that until the last time possible, and then it just wasn’t worth the trouble. That is something I’ll take back when I return to this for the definitive release.

Also on the plans and never made were the online leaderboards — I never found a good place to put the player name input, and never got to implement the network load/save code — and a mobile release. This game was obviously designed to be ported onto mobile platforms(what with the vertical layout and whatnot) but in the end I never got to it. Again, will be a major point for the future major release.

In terms of my personal growth as a game developer… this was very good. I’ve got a little advanced programming practice from this, had a bit of practice with things I hadn’t worked with in a while(3D, resource loading) and the final product is rather more polished than the ones before. If this trend continues, I might be selling a game by June!

Ha, as if. But anyway, it was good times, and I hope much fun is had by y’all, too. Now I just need to find some time to get this site more active more often…