BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Siege on Color Castle

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Description & Features

Two games in one, Siege on Color Castle is a strategy game where the resources are gathered by means of matching tiles on the lower screen, while in the upper screen the battle goes on. Defend your castle from the never ending hordes of the enemy!

Developer Commentary

This was an interesting game. And it ended up in a nice state of development, for what I intended.

I set up to make a “dual screen” game and the most obvious idea at the time was a puzzle/something, following the steps of Puzzle Quest and the game I’ve been briefly hooked on to waste free time, Pokemon Shuffle. It’s not that good, but not bad either. Anyway, settled on a “siege defense” style, I set up to work and it was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

Then I found out the major flaw in my plan, that is Unity’s ability to export standalone applications in extremely unusual resolutions. That is, the lack of it. As a result, this is my first game done in Unity that has no standalone versions for download.

Also, for this game I decided to work with a pixel look(very hard to do with Unity’s multi-resolution-friendly style), and I got to know Piskel. It’s a nice tool, though it was not as good as I expected to work, for example, with spritesheets. The planned workflow for Piskel is a sheet for each animation, which is swell but I like sprawling sheets with as many elements as I can. Probably a heritage from my RPG Maker days. :V

And, as usual, lots of stuff wasn’t done. I had the sprites divided in different parts to animate them in Unity, but never got to do it. Also, better effects for the updates on screen, and decent UI with more tooltip hints. And, finally, different sprites for the enemy. Because I had planned this to be a story of mine involving the Vegetable and Color Kingdoms in war, but all I got was to make the Vegetable units wear green.

So, kind of like an army of Hulks. :V

All in all, this is perhaps the most complex and still most fun game I’ve done so far. I hope I can keep up the progression. 😀