BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Pea’s Quest

 gameplay_sshot1 gameplay_sshot2

Description & Features

In a world commanded by big fat veggies, a small pea decides to take her stand and conquer all the dungeons until she makes her way to the top. Pea’s Quest is an adorable dungeon crawler about vegetable people and class struggle!

Developer Commentary

This was a nice game to make, at least a lot better than I expected.

I was strongly considering going “back to basics” on August(and I did, since this post has actually only been finished by the end of August!) because the final product coming from my monthly efforts was coming out a bit… lacking. Not that they were faulty(though I’ll make an exception to Vandya, but that one was under especially hard conditions), but they were a long way from what I had planned. Pea’s Quest would be the last “big” endeavor, and I’d get back to focusing on the core things and leaving the ideas to the sidelines.

But, as it turns out, Pea’s Quest looks pleasant to me. I am pretty happy with what came out, even though it has almost none the features I hoped to include in it(no weapon change, or equipment getting, or even a boss fight!) Mostly, it looks pleasant(the tileset is not half bad, and I did end up learning how to use Tiled properly), it flows nice and the implementation of the 4-direction top-view movement came out just right. Heck, I love how the camera motion from screen to screen is (almost) perfect.

So, a good sendoff to rather complex gaming concepts. A bit later today comes one of my simplest ideas of the year(it’s a rethread on the classic Breakout, with a twist!) and next month should continue the trend.

Meanwhile, all hail the Pea!