BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Paddle & Basket

Description & Features

Paddle & Basket is a Breakout clone, but with a twist: breaking bricks is just the first step on your way to the goal! Now each block contains a crunchy insect that you must collect, otherwise you won’t collect any points.

Developer Commentary

Okay, this actually worked. Turning back to basic gameplay concepts did end up creating a more engaging development experience, and also a nice breathing space to create nice pixel art graphics and get some assets.

The music is all royalty-free by Kevin MacLeod, and the sounds created via Bfxr, but it makes a difference, which is something I shan’t forget. Even an alpha can use some audio cues. 😛

Also, this is the debut of my handcrafted game pages(or, rather, a re-debut; I had them before switching to itch), and also a mindset change in my game dev efforts. Heck I now even have my own professional twitter account!

So, good idea. I should take a few more breathers in the months to come, but otherwise, here’s a sort of complete game with a solid foundation. Sweet.