BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Metal Angler

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.32.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.32.59 PM

Description & Features

Get into a magnet equipped treasure hunting vessel and sail the coast in search of sweet metallic loot forgotten at the bottom of the sea in Metal Angler!

Developer Commentary

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned more than a few times in more than one place, this game is a port of a game I once started making in Stencyl. I didn’t even really finish that one, and even so I had to cut stuff out for the sake of actually delivering this on time. Which is a part of the challenge, I guess. Anyway, I’m happy with what came out in the end.

I considered reusing the sprites from the other game, but the fact they were all pixel art put me off, considering my lack of practice with how Unity deals with images. No kidding, I spent a good hour figuring why the title and map were so blurry(turns out mipmapping was the villain; yet another lesson I learn :V). Also, Unity Physics turned out a little better to deal with than Stencyl Physics. Go figure.

This is also the game I’m considered most “done” from this lot. Beetle Bog is kind of a prototype, but this one had the benefit of being pre-designed, and so it got the honor of inaugurating my page. In fact, that’s a rather useful site I’m considering to work with in the future. It’s like a whole indie store ready for your convenience. I’m pretty happy so far. :)