BrazMogu Monthlies 2015: Beetle Bog Revival

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Description & Features

Beetle Bog Revival Beetle Bog Revival is a maze game with turn based gameplay, starring a bone-collecting(or perhaps bone-eating) little creature trying to not be caught by the denizens of his hunting grounds.

Developer Commentary

I’ve been delaying this for a long while because I’ve felt I had to be a lot careful with what I wrote here, but then I realized it doesn’t really matter that much, as long as I had a result so, here it is, finally: the moment I sat down and wrote the sticky post for my new gaming production!

I’ll explain the whole “retaking the One Game A Month Challenge” step I took later on a Dev Diary, but for now the short version is: I’ve picked this game I did a long long time ago(in Game Maker, no less) and decided to port it as a way to finally learn the powerhouse that is Unity! Woot!

And this game is hardly complete, but it’s fairly playable, I guess. And it did its job well: to teach me Unity from pretty much nothing. Later on I may get back at it and polish it up and make it better but… for now, I’m working on the next game. Which will be discussed about in the very next blog post.

So, we’re back on the business! Hope you have fun alongside me! 😀