A New Year and What It Entails

Happy New Year, whatever people follow my humble blog. Humblog. Nermind. Whoever you are, I’m thankful, an year has gone and a new year comes by. But what does it mean?!

Well, the past year was a good year in my gamedev proto-career, with a 12/12 score in my One Game a Month score. Most of those were barely self-contained prototypes, but I’ll talk of that later. Last year was also the beginning of this new “dev diary” blog, that went through a rather diminishing degree of attention from myself, but it’s never too late to get back at compensating for that!

So, at some point I should be getting around doing my release posts for the last 3 or 4 games in my monthly run, but to more interesting things: what comes next? Well, this year is promising, I’ll tell ya.

According to the little planning I had done, last year was my ultimate trainee period to a new tier of dedication to my own hobby(one of them, that is). And since I’ve met my goal, this means 2016 marks the beginning of my gamedev career. And by that I mean working on games for actual commercial release and fully formed products as opposed to heavily deadline constrained projects. The first game, if all goes right, should be done in about 6 months(including getting me worked up to actually do marketing stuff and maybe get the bureaucratic boilerplates to become a gaming company). But wait, there’s more!

Of course as a one-man gamedev company, I can’t stop, and by that I mean getting too entrenched into Unity. Or any other engine/library/language. Remember, this year we had yet another nail on Flash’s coffin and even Unity’s own web player has had the doors shut on its face by Chrome and an increasing number of web browsers. You can’t get too comfortable, or you may be left behind. So, I decided to grab a number of new techs and things to try out this year and stay active.

To my surprise, I picked 6. I will go into more detail about them, but that round number gave me an idea about a path I was going to abandon: instead of  leaving the 1GAM challenge this year, I could dedicate two months for each and make two main releases: one rough prototype, one refined demo, and so make 12 months in 6 games in 6 different techs.

Will it happen? I don’t know, but I also didn’t know if I could make one drawing a day or one game a month for a whole year, and as it turns out, I could! So, I’m optimistic!

That’s it, y’all. Coming soon: a 3-part pseudo-post-mortem of my 12 prototypes of last year, and a post about the things I’m planning to work with this year. Have a nice year!